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Sheer Cotton Curtains – Framing windows with extended Sheer Cotton Curtains and curtains is an excellent way to add elegance and character to a room. But it can be unbelievably tricky to select Sheer Cotton Curtains. Before you head out into the store to purchase some, check out these curtain dos and don’ts.

Think about the purpose your Sheer Cotton Curtains will function in any particular room. Will they provide a splash of colour? Privacy? Darkness? Warmth? All the above? Lined panels allow you to control the temperature from the room in addition to the amount of light which filters through. A fundamental cotton liner protects the cloth a bit while still allowing a while to filter through; a longer insulating liner helps keep your home warmer in the winter and warmer in the summer, and a blackout lining is ideal for bedrooms as it doesn’t allow any light to filter through.

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Think hard and long about what colour and layout to use. Sheer Cotton Curtains take up a lot of visual space and is going to have a huge influence on the look of your room. To pick the right color, request a swatch of the cloths you’re thinking about. If you prefer, tape swatches to the wall and live with it for a little while before making a final decision.

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Do not skimp on size. Sheer Cotton Curtains should always be at least double the width of this window, even if they are likely to be drawn most of the time. Additionally, it is vital that they be long enough. To get a rich and elegant look they can puddle on the floor, and to get a more compact and clean look, they can skim the floor. Short Sheer Cotton Curtains should brush the window sill. If you’re buying store-bought panels (instead of having them custom made) it is better to buy them too long and then have them hemmed.

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Don’t overlook the hardware. Curtain rods and finials must”match” the cloth. Heavier drapes such as velvets should be on large and somewhat decorative rods while light silks and sheers can sit light-weight and more dainty sticks. Nevertheless, hardware should also fit the remainder of the room. Make sure they connect to something in the room. As an example, if you’ve got Lucite lamps or chairs, a Lucite drapery rod may be in order.

Do contemplate cloth selections for your particular needs. Cotton is flexible and simple to wash; velvet is lavish and private but may be a bit heavy for some chambers; sheers are mild and graceful but do not provide much in the way of privacy, and wool is heavy but strong enough to hold vases such as tassels and fringe.

Do not overlook finials. It may seem like a small thing, but finials at the conclusion of your curtain pole can offer the perfect finishing touch. Remember, a fantastic room is all about the information.

Do shop around. You may realize that you can save yourself money by buying from discounters or outlets.