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Palm Leaf Curtains – The topic of fitting Palm Leaf Curtains for your decor might seem to be trivial decision but once you consider the sheer expense of window treatments, it’s one which triggers a bit of stress for most homeowners. That might explain why this is one of the popular topics in home decor and on the list of queries I get a lot. So how exactly do you decide to begin picking your draperies?

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Match your walls. Pick a shade similar to your walls. This option is the least visually intrusive so it works well when you absolutely enjoy your wall colour, whenever you have a lot of other competing visual elements in your room you don’t wish to upstage, or in the event that you just want a calm, symmetrical appearance on your decor. This option appears to be the most overlooked because the concept of fitting your wall color may come across as overly”matchy-matchy,” but when done correctly it is a perfect, elegant solution. The downside of this approach is that in case you decide to repaint your walls later on, you might need to replace your Palm Leaf Curtains.

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Neutral Complements. Pick a print or solid colour in a neutral palette that will be flexible enough to work with a number of wall colors. This is the most popular approach, which explains why beige Palm Leaf Curtains are so prevalent. This is certainly the safest bet and likely also the lowest priced because you’ll be able to find a variety of affordable ready-made choices. Even though this isn’t as seamless of a seem as matching your wall color, it is nevertheless an extremely attractive choice when you want to leave your options open. The drawback is that this look can come across as dull. You can offset it by adding simple embellishments for your draperies through ribbon trimming or hand painted details.

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Strong Contrast. The final and most daring approach is to utilize a bright pattern or colour to contrast your own walls. It surely makes the biggest visual statement so it works well in smaller spaces in which you only need a couple of Palm Leaf Curtains to function as a centerpiece. You would want to save this strategy to get a pattern or color you truly enjoy and will live with day in and day out.

Still not sure about which choice to pursue? What kind of space are you hoping to create? Just how much visual weight would you wish to contribute to the Palm Leaf Curtains? How much of your budget are you willing to devote to them? The answers to those questions along with the 3 classes above should help in creating the choice of your fitting Palm Leaf Curtains a bit easier.