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African Print Curtains – Framing windows with long African Print Curtains and curtains is a great way to add glamour and character to a room. But it can be surprisingly difficult to select African Print Curtains. Before you head out to the store to purchase some, check out these curtain dos and performn’ts.

Consider the purpose that your African Print Curtains will serve in any particular room. Will they provide a dash of colour? Privacy? Darkness? Warmth? Each of the above? Lined panels allow you to control the temperature in the space in addition to the amount of light which filters through. A basic cotton lining protects the fabric a little while still allowing some light to filter through; a much more insulating liner helps keep your house warmer in the winter and warmer in the summer, and a blackout lining is excellent for bedrooms because it doesn’t let any light to filter through.

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Think long and hard about what colour and layout to use. African Print Curtains take up a large amount of visual space and will have a huge impact on the appearance of your room. To pick the right colour, ask for a swatch of these fabrics you’re thinking about. Bring them in the room you are decorating, and hold them up against couches, cushions, and walls. If you prefer, tape swatches to the wall and then live with it for a while before making a last choice.

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Do not skimp on size. African Print Curtains should always be at least twice the width of this window, even though they are going to be drawn most of the time. Additionally, it is vital that they be long enough. To get a rich and elegant appearance they could puddle on the floor, and for a more compact and clean look, they could skim the floor. Short African Print Curtains should brush the window sill. If you are purchasing second-hand panels (as opposed to having them custom made) it is better to purchase them too long and then have them hemmed.

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Don’t overlook the hardware. Heavier curtains such as velvets should be on big and somewhat decorative rods while mild silks and sheers can sit light-weight and much more dainty sticks. That said, hardware must also match the rest of the room. Make sure they connect to something in the room. As an example, if you’ve got Lucite lamps or chairs, a Lucite drapery rod may be in order.

Do contemplate cloth selections for your individual needs. Cotton is flexible and simple to wash; velvet is luxurious and private but may be a bit heavy for some rooms; sheers are light and stylish but do not provide much in the means of privacy, and wool is thick but powerful enough to hold vases such as tassels and fringe.

Do not overlook finials. It may seem like a small thing, but finials in the end of your curtain pole can provide the perfect finishing touch. Bear in mind, a great room is all about the information.

When you’ve decided on the color, length, fabric, and style of the African Print Curtains you need, look on the internet or in person at several outlets and stores. You may find you could save yourself cash by buying from discounters or outlets.